Friday, 24 February 2017

Essex Record Office: Possible Self-Financing of Service. Letter #3 from Our President

The Essex Society for Archaeology & History 

Cllr. John Spence, C.B.E., D.L., Essex County Council, PO Box 11 County Hall, CHELMSFORD, Essex.

19th February 2017 
Dear Cllr. Spence, 

Thank you for your letter of 13th February and for your kind invitation to meet you at County Hall. 

My colleagues and I will be pleased to meet you in due course, but before doing so would appreciate answers to the questions raised in my letters of 16th November 2016 and 23rd January 2017 to Cllr. Finch. It is important to have the information requested prior to our meeting so that we can fully prepare and can discuss details, figures and statistics with you. 

On behalf of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History; information has been requested in writing on two occasions, which has not been forthcoming. This is very disappointing and therefore at our last Council meeting on 21st January 2017, authority was given to pursue this under the Freedom of Information Act. Will you therefore kindly accept this letter as our formal FOI request for the information and documentation requested in our letters of 16th November 2016 and 23rd January 2017 to be fully supplied, within the requisite time limits please. 

Following this we shall happily meet you, but would ask for minutes of our meeting to be taken please. I look forward to hearing from you please. Thank you 

Yours sincerely

Adrian Corder-Birch, D.L., President, Essex Society for Archaeology and History 

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