Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Essex Journal. Autumn 2016. (Vol. 51. No. 2)

Following the absorption of the Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress into the Essex Society for Archaeology and History, the latter became owner of the title of the Essex Journal, and the Essex Review. So it is with pleasure that we announce, if belatedly, the content of the latest edition.
Editorial ... 47
Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress ... 48
News from the Essex Record Office ... 49
Hervey Benham Charitable Trust: the living legacy ... 50
The Origins and Early History of Southend: Ken Crowe ... 51
Thomas Hooker at Chelmsford, Essex, 1625-1631: Robert Charles Anderson ... 62
'The great progress of the place in modern times': the Chelmsford Planning Survey and the High Chelmer Development, 1945-73: James Bettley ... 72
Obituary, William Landels Wild (1936-2016) ... 85
Book Reviews ... 86
EJ 20 Questions? Robert Charles Anderson ... 90

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