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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Announcement: ESAH to absorb Essex Congress

Senior officers and trustees of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History agreed yesterday (Saturday 23 July 2016) to absorbing the activities of the Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress.   Congress had been the umbrella organisation for Essex local history groups since its foundation in 1964.  The process of dissolving Congress as a Charity is under way, and officers of ESAH will be discussing how the activities of Congress are incorporated into its own programme. Institutional members will be contacted in due course.

The Society's Council also confirmed acceptance of the ownership of the title of Essex Review and Essex Journal.

The following announcement has been made on the Essex Congress website home page:

At the 2016 Congress A.G.M. held on Saturday 25th June, the ongoing difficulties related to the running of Congress, and options for its future, were discussed.

It was the unanimous decision of the meeting that Congress should be dissolved, and that its key functions, including the staging of Symposia, the publication of the Panel of Speakers, and the co-ordination of the various local societies falling within the remit of Congress, will pass to ESAH (Essex Society for Archaeology and History).

As further details of this change become available they will be circulated to members. 

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