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Monday, 18 April 2016

Newsletter (Spring 2016)

The Spring 2016 edition of the Newsletter (NL177) arrived through the post for many members of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History on Saturday.  Readers will immediately notice that the front cover is different, illustrating six Roman coins which were stolen from Chelmsford Museum in January 2016 and remain, alas, unrecovered.  Why someone would steal these is a question that does not warrant comment, other than to reflect what the curator of the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge said in response to the jailing of the gang responsible that the Chinese artefacts, not found, belonged in a sense to everyone.  

The Newsletter is another 24-page edition, the contents of which include:
- From The President.  Adrian Corder-Birch mentions that 'Excavations along the M25', occasional paper is available to members with additional copies on sale to the public; the work of Philip Crummy and Colchester Archaeological Trust in connection with the Fenwick Treasure, now on display at Colchester Museum, and excavations of the Roman arcade in the High Street; and, the forthcoming Annual General Meeting to be held at the Castle. (Papers will be circulated separately.)
- Coins Stolen from Chelmsford Museum
- Heritage Crime Investigation Rumbles a Dutch Deception
- A Vengeful Saint
- Essex Utopias?
- Society Visit to Jaywick Martello Tower, 26 February 2016
- John Booth, Essex Antiquary - a postscript
- Roman Arcade Attracts A Crowd
- Harlow Temple Digitisation Project: an update
- Excavations at Pleshey
- Henry VIII's Jericho?
- Major Brinson's Italian Excavations
- Eddington Engineering in Chelmsford
- Archaeologists explore Envrironment Agency's LIDAR
- The Society Archives: The Sellers give us the Sixties
- ESAH Finds New Home for Pottery Fragments
- Essex Churches Project
- Essex seen from Elsewhere
- Library Purchases and Donations
- Vernacular Architecture
- The Meaning of Mucking
- Events In Essex
- Readers Letters
- Essex Journal
- Book Reviews

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