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Friday, 17 July 2015

Archaeology of the Chelmer Foreshore, Maldon: 24-26 July 2015

Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network

Archaeology on the Chelmer foreshore

Ever wanted to try your hand at Archaeology?

For the 2015 Festival of Archaeology CITIZAN will be exploring the archaeology of boats and vessels at the 'barge graveyard', Promenade Park, Maldon, on 24-26 July 2015 from 10am onwards.

We'll be hosting free guided walks and talks from archaeological experts as well as the opportunity to help us record the site with our free taster sessions in survey techniques. There's also the chance to visit a Thames Sailing Barge to learn more about the history of these fascinating vessels.

All three days are family friendly with activities for younger would-be archaeologists to get involved in where access to the foreshore is not suitable for children.
To book your place go to:

For more information contact Oliver on 07718570382 or Lara via email at

Much of our island's history is simply being washed away. Significant archaeological sites along our coast and on the foreshores of our tidal estuaries are continually eroded by winds, waves and tidal scour. Alarmed by the rate of loss, the location of many of these sites was noted during the national 'Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey' programme initiated by English Heritage and by archaeological groups around the country. To date there has been no systematic standardised system to record these vulnerable sites in detail or to regularly monitor their fate over the longer term. Coastal erosion can rarely be halted, but at least exposed archaeological sites can be recorded before they are destroyed.

What will the project do?

CITiZAN is the first systematic national response to these threats. The project focuses on nationally important, exposed archaeological sites: the remains of prehistoric forests and settlements, Roman buildings, ancient salt-working sites, lost medieval ports, fishing settlements, harbour works, coastal defences from both World Wars and countless abandoned boats, barges and ships. The CITiZAN team delivers community-based training and creates an infrastructure and network of volunteers with the skills and systems to be able to monitor and survey the highly significant but threatened archaeological sites around England's coast and foreshores.

CITiZAN is supported by the HLF, with additional support from The Crown Estate and National Trust. The project is run from three offices: the main office at MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) in London, and offices at the Council for British Archaeology in York and at the Nautical Archaeology Society in Portsmouth.

From 2015-2018 CITiZAN will • Establish a national network of active individuals and groups to work together on a major project • Train enthusiastic volunteers to monitor and survey selected coastal and intertidal archaeological sites • Engage with the public through our interactive website, outreach programme and other activities • Create a standardised survey, monitoring and web-based recording system compatible with methods used in Scotland and Wales

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