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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Join The Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Now could not be a better time to join the Essex Society for Archaeology and History. Starting from £20 for full membership, you will receive the latest volume of our Transactions, the popular 'Chelmsford Proceedings'* (worth £15) plus, very soon the next volume and a book about Clement Spice.  You can also join the Essex Industrial Archaeological Group which has just published its first Newsletter.  Once a member you will be able to subscribe to receive, as they become available, copies of our back catalogue for you to digitally download to your computer.  Digitisation is the first phase in making publicly available our entire record and research into the history and archaeology of Essex. Several volumes will be available shortly. Don't delay. Sign up today! 

* Available free until the publication of Volume 4 of Transactions

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