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Embezzled Church Goods of Essex (6): Transactions n.s. Volume 13 Part 3


{Part 6}
{Transcribed for the internet from the Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society (now the Essex Society for Archaeology and History), ‘New Series’ Volume 13 Part 3 (1913).}

THE church goods of Essex have received considerable attention in the Society's Transactions. The late Mr. H. W. King's transcripts of inventories of confiscated church goods were printed in vols. iv. and v. (o.s.) and in vols. i., ii., and iii. (n.s.). Mr. R. C. Fowler and Mr. W. C. Waller printed some further inventories in vols. x. and xi. respectively. These all referred to goods taken into the king's hands in 1552, and in some cases the goods previously sold are also named.

The following transcript (the Essex part only of S.P.D. Edw. VI., vol. v., no. 59) refers to the goods which the churchwardens and parishioners had sold by 1548.


MANUDEN. Robert Dame, Rychard bull', Churchewardens doo presente That the parryshenours their abowte twoo yeres paste hath layed to gage[1] a Chalyce and a paxe of sylver for iij. markes to help the vicar to pay the Kingis Subsydies whiche somme ys yet unpayde by the said vicare, and they haue sold as moche stuff of the churche as Tabernacles and suche lycke as they receaued iiijs. which ys bestowed upon the churche.

{MANUDEN. Robert Dame, Richard Bull, churchwardens do present that the parishioners there about two years past have pledged a chalice and a paxe of silver for 3 marks to help the vicar to pay the King’s Subsidies which sum is yet unpaid bythe said vicar, and they have sold as much stuff of the church as Tabernacles(?) and such like as they received 4s which is bestowed upon the church.}

SALINGE PARUA. William Parmenter, Thomas Pollarde, Churchwardens Doo presente That in January laste paste they haue sold a chalyce of whyte sylver and gylte on the owteside wayeng xij. vunces for iijli. whiche iijli. they haue expended in suyte of lawe for certayne suytes depending betwene the vicar of myche Bradefield and Thynhabitauntes of Little Salinge for certayne tythes demaunded of them uninstelie[2] as they saye by the saide vicare.

{LITTLE SALING.  William Parmenter, Thomas Pollarde, Churchwardens do present that in January last past they have sold a chalice of white silver and gilded on the outside weighing 12 ounces for £3 which £3 they have expended in suit of lawe for certain suits depending between the vicar of Great Bardfield and the inhabitants of Little Saling for certain tithes demanded of them unstealhily as they say by the said vicar.}

WENDON LOWTES [? Lofts] John Collyns, Churchwarden doothe say That at the instigacion of the parryshe he did sell ij. candlestyckes of latten for xvjd. whiche money remayneth still in his handes.

{WENDON LOFTS.  John Collins, Churchwarden does say that at the instigation of the parish he did sell 2 candlesticks of brass for 16d. ehich money remains in his hands.}

CRYSHULL MAGNA. John Prentice, Roberte hagger, Churchwardens doo presente That they haue sold iiij. clapsis [sic] of sylver for xxs. whiche somme still remayneth in theyre handes.

[GREAT CHRISHALL. John Prentice, Robert Hagger, Churchwardens do present that they have sold 4 candlesticks of silver for 20s. which sum still remains in their hands.}

SAMPFORDE MAGNA. Rychard Petytt, John mylner, Churchewardens doothe presente That they haue sold two Stockes of the churches for xiijs. iiijd. And also certayne furnyture of ymages for xiiijd. And they receaued also for a stocke of iij. shippe iijs. Of whiche Sommes they say they haue bestowed vpon the castinge of a bell xs. xd. And the resydue vpon the churche and churcheyarde.

{LITTLE SAMPFORD. Richard Petitt, John Milner, Churchwardens do present that they have sold two [candle]sticks(?) of the church for 13s.4d. And also certain furniture of images for 14d. And they received also for a stock of 3 shippe(?) 3s. of which sums they say they have bestowed upon the casting of a bell 10s.10d. And the residue upon the church and churchyard.}

[H]EYDON. John Colte, William Moll, Churchwardens there presente That they aboute two yeares paste haue sold an olde broken chalyce for iiij markes whiche Somme they say ys spent upon the reparacions of the churche and other necessaries thereunto appertayning.

{HEYDON. John Colte, William Moll, Churchwardens there present that they about two years past have sold an old broken chalice for 4 marks which sum they say is spent upon the reparations of the church and other necessaries thereunto appertaining.}


TAKELEY. John Norrell, Robert ffranke, Doo say That they have sold one chalice of the said churche for xlvs. whiche Somme they saye ys bestowed in repayringe and amendinge the churche walles And the same was solde abowte Whitsontyde last paste.

{TAKELEY. John Norrell, Robert Franke, do say that they have sold one chalice of the said church for 45s. which sum they say is bestowed in repairing and amending the church walls and the same was sold about Whitsuntide last past.}

HENHAM. Roberte Smythe, John Wylde, Churchwardens Doo say That they haue sold as moche brasse as they receaued xs. for and the same [sic] they bestowed upon the churche as they say.

{HENHAM. Robert Smyth, John Wilde, Churchwardens, so say that they have sold as much brass as they received 10s for and the same they bestowed upon the church as they say.}

CLAVERINGE. John hagger, William bell, churchwardens doo say That Robert Cotten and John hagger thelder hathe sold a brooken Chalyce belonging to the same churche for vli. vjs. viijd. and the money thereof by them receaued was payed to thandes of the saide churchewardens who hath bestowed the same as hereafter folowing videlicet, To Thomas Barnard, sometyme Clerke there xls , Towardis the fyndinge of a pore child cast upon the parryshe who of charitie doothe fynde the same childe, xs., in expenses spente and layed owte in the lawe with the vicar of the said churche for certayne Duyties by them claymed of the same vicare xxvjs. viijd.„And to John hagger for tharreragis that the churche was indebted vnto hym and by the said hagger layed owte and payed aboute v yeres paste xxvjs. viijd., whiche chalyce was solde abowte Bartholomew tyde last paste.

{CLAVERING. John Hagger, William Bell, churchwardens do say that Robert Cotton and John Hagger the elder have sold a broken chalice belonging to the same church for £5.6s.8d. and the money thereof by them received was paid to the hands of the said churchwardens who hath bestowed the same as hereafter following viz: To Thomas Barnard, sometime clerk there 40s, towards the funding of a poor child cast upon the parish who of charity do find the same child, 10s. in expenses spent and laid out in the law with the vicar of the said church for certain duties by them claimed of the same vicar 36s.8d., And to John Hagger for the arrangements that the church was indebted unto him and by the said Hagger laid out and paid about 5 years past 36s.8d. which chalice was sold about Batholomewtide last past.}

BARDFEILDE MAGNA. William Barlowes, William Boreley, Thomas Botulphe, John Smythe, Parryshenours there doo presente and saye That they at mydsomer laste haue sold of the churchplate there a Crosse of Sylver and gylte for xili. iijs. iiijd.. A shippe and a broken chalyce of sylver parcell gylte for vjli. iijs. iiijd., which Somes bee bestowed vpon an highwaye there and in repayring the bells and frames which were sore decayed.

{GREAT BARDFIELD. William Barlow, William Boreley, Thomas Botolphe, John Smythe, parishioners there do present and say that at midsummer last have sold off the churchplate there a Cross of Silver and gilded for £11.3s.4d.. a shippe(?) and a broken chalice of silver partly gilded for £6.3s.4d., which sums be bestowed upon a highway there and in repairing the bells and frames which were sore decayed.}

CHESTERFORTHE MAGNA. Thomas Rayner, Robert Barkr, Churchwardens doo saye That aboute two yeres paste they have pledged two Cruettis of Sylver for the Somme of xxiiijti shillingis for the paymente of the Clerkes waygis there.

{GREAT CHESTERFORD. Thomas Rayner, Robert Barker, Churchwardens do say that about two years past they have pledged two cruets(?) of Silver for the Sum of 24 shillings for the payment of the Clerk’s wages there.}

[1] Gage = to pledge (OED online)
[2] Uninstelie = perhaps unstealthily? 

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