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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Flash Funding Needed for Roman Circus Grant

The Essex Society for Archaeology and History supports and passes on information circulated by the Colchester Archaeological Trust, and reported in the town's newspaper, about flash funding to develop the Roman Circus experience.
"Today (4th December), the Colchester Archaeological Trust is launching a flash fund-raising campaign for the Roman circus centre. We plan to apply for a grant from the Cory Environmental Trust for £50,000, but we have to raise 10% (£5,000) of the full amount if our application is successful. AND - we are hoping to raise the £5,000 within a week! If we do, then we plan to submit our grant application by the 11th December and get the Cory Environmental Trust's verdict by the end of January 2016.
"We were able to buy the Roman circus centre in 2012 with money with generous donations from groups and individuals, as well as by ECC and CBC. We are now seeking this further funding so that we can enhance the site of the circus in front of the circus centre. This project has two elements. An outline of several?? Roman spectators will be placed on top of the large metal 'zig-zag' in the garden which represents the profile of the circus seating-stand: they will be facing the site of the circus arena. We will then commission local artist Anne Schwegmann-Fielding* to make a life-size chariot complete with four horses and a charioteer, and this will be on permanent display, also on the site of the circus arena, in the front garden of the Roman circus centre. We hope that the project will enhance the exposed circus remains and the modern stumps of the circus starting-gates and make it easier for visitors to understand this part of the circus and bring it all vividly to life. The chariot will be finished in a modern 'mosaic' style, as much of our knowledge of racing-chariots derives from Roman mosaic floors. The profile will be given the same finish to unify the two elements. We hope that the whole project - the chariot and horses, the enhanced 'zig-zag' and the spectators - will transform the site of the circus as a place to visit and enjoy and find out about the Roman circus.
"Would you like to contribute to our flash fund of £5,000 for the Roman circus centre?
If so, then please go to the home page of the Trust's web-site and donate online via the BT Mydonate button, which is a link to the BT Mydonate scheme's web-site. Our web-site is at . Every £5 which you donate will effectively generate £50 of the grant, or £60 if the donation is made using Gift Aid. If our application is unsuccessful or we fail to reach the required 10%, then we will use all of the money donated as part of an application for another grant. We want these grants to commission and pay for the chariot sculpture and to fund further development of the circus centre displays. We are working on an application for a grant from another Trust?? to fund additions and improvements inside the centre and to fund the construction of a wall with protective glass, also in the garden, for the installation of our modern Roman circus mosaic."

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